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Starting in the Prep Department

Here are a few ideas which we hope you will find helpful when joining TPS.

Talk about TPS with your child. Remind them who the people are that will look after them; their tutor, senior teachers and the office staff. When first joining a new school, it is very helpful to talk to your child about the daily school routine and timetable so he/she knows what to expect each day. All this information can be found in the 'School Life' section.

Ensure that your child’s clothes and other property are all clearly named. Show your child the name tags on his/her clothing so he/she can gain greater independence and will quickly be reunited with any mislaid items! Do remove old name tags from any second hand clothing that you may buy.

The children will need to bring their own pens and pencils etc. each day along with their school books. They will also require a healthy snack for morning break, and a bottle of water.

Equiment needed as follows:
Year 3 & 4
1 x Stabilo rubber
1 x 15cm clear ruler
1 x glue stick (white variety)
1 x set of coloured pencils
3 x HB pencils

Year 5 onwards
Blue ink Pen
Spare blue ink cartridges
Ruler 15cm
Glue Stick
Pencil eraser
Pencil sharpener
Corrention fluid, ink erasers and erasable pens are not allowed in school and must not be used in any school work.

Years 7 & 8
Scientific Calculator, e.g. Casio FX85G

Spending quality time together as a family e.g. short times free from mobiles and email, meal-times or playing games together which involve listening skills, discussion, turn-taking and learning to follow instructions and rules will all help your child develop good communication skills.

Reading with your child or to your child, or asking older children to read to you, is encouraged. We have a well-stocked Library and an active reading program at TPS.

A fantastic way to get to know your child’s class and fellow parents is via our Parents’ Committee and the Class Reps. If you have not already made contact then please contact the school office for contact details.

We are very happy to welcome you and your family to the TPS community!

Starting in Year 3

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