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School Values

Our Golden Rule

"Treat everyone in the same way as you would like them to treat you."












Do enter classrooms focused and ready to learn

Do come in calmly from break

Do walk calmly in the building and keep to the left


Do wait for others when coming through a door

Do listen to others, waiting for people to finish speaking before joining in a conversation

Do remember your manners at all times


Do consider other people’s feelings

Do be responsible for your own possessions and be considerate towards other people’s belongings

Do arrive with the correct books and come to your lessons ready to learn


Do contribute to your lessons and ask for help when you need it

Try, try and try again

Aim high with your learning and don’t say “can’t.”








  • Hair should be tidy, its natural colour and an acceptable length and style
  • Long hair should be tied back. Hair accessories should be purple and simple in style
  • School uniform (or PE kit when designated) should be worn to and from school
  • Girls are permitted to wear plain stud earrings but they must be removed/covered for PE activities
  • All School uniform must be clearly named


Before and after school

  • Pupils should wait quietly in the rear playground
  • Pupils should wait outside until 8.30am unless they are attending an early morning club
  • In the event of bad weather before 8.30am pupils wait under the covered walkway
  • School bags should be packed for lessons in the morning and be zipped up when in the cloakrooms
  • Pupils represent the school whenever they are in uniform and are expected to demonstrate good behaviour travelling to and from school and when using the school minibuses



  • Pupils from Year 2 to Year 8 always wear a blazer to assembly
  • As assembly is a time for reflection so pupils are expected to enter and leave the Hall quietly


Break times

  • Pupils must always respect other people’s property in the cloakrooms
  • Prep pupils shouldn’t eat in the buildings except during wet breaks and then only in allocated classrooms
  • Pretend fighting is not allowed in school
  • Pupils must be considerate towards others playing at break times
  • Pupils are expected to respond quickly if the whistle is blown
  • Pupils should look out for others who might need help or friendship



  • Pupils are expected to always bring in healthy snacks to eat
  • Pupils should bring a water bottle to school and remember to drink regularly
  • For the safety of others pupils must never bring in nuts or snacks containing nuts to school


Mobile Phones

  • Mobile phones can only be brought to school for pupils in Year 6, 7 and 8 if parents have completed a permission slip
  • Mobile phones should be turned off on arrival at school and handed in during registration and then collected from the School Office at the end of the day. Pupils arriving after registration should hand their mobile phones into the School Office.