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Parents' Committee

People often comment on the warm and friendly atmosphere at TPS. The Parents’ Committee really nurtures this with lots of fun family events, which also raise money for some fantastic facilities enjoyed and appreciated throughout the school.


The Parents’ Committee’s work is very much a joint venture whereby the Headmaster, in consultation with staff, suggests which projects would really benefit the pupils. We then decide which ventures we would like to contribute towards. In general, these are things that would be a low financial priority to the school, but which, as I’m sure you’ll agree, add an enormous amount to the children’s enjoyment and education.

One thing we can’t emphasise enough is that the Parents’ Committee is only as successful as the support it receives, whether that’s simply attending our events or joining the Committee itself. However small or large a part you play, it really helps you and your family get as much as possible out of the school.

Our role is split into a few areas:

Fundraising for the school
Recent projects we have helped fund include the adventure playground, climbing wall, covered walkway, sports equipment and The Hub@51.

Donating to local charities
10% of everything we raise goes to local charities – usually ones that benefit children – and all the parents are asked to nominate a charity each year. Recent recipients have included The Neuroblastoma Children’s Cancer Alliance and the Shooting Star Children’s Trust.

Social events
The Parents’ Committee provide the school’s social life by organising fun family events that can be enjoyed by all those connected with the school, whilst also raising money. The emphasis with these events is simply that they be as much fun as possible for children, parents, grandparents and extended families, and they include the Summer Fairs, Fireworks Night, Quiz Nights and other school events.

Providing a link between parents and the school
Representatives of the Parents’ Committee meet Mr Barrett at the beginning of each term to discuss planned events as well as any general issues parents would like us to raise. Topics we’ve broached in the past have included road safety near the school, changes to the format of parents’ evenings and uniform.