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Involvement in sport is an essential part of each child’s development. At TPS we aim to offer a wide variety of opportunities for children to try different sports, encouraging each individual to extend his/her ability.

From Reception children have specialist PE lessons. In Pre-Prep the children will engage in a variety of learning activities which include dance, gymnastics, games and swimming for Year 1 and Year 2.

From Year 3 onwards pupils have one PE lesson and two afternoons of Games each week, which includes swimming. During Games lessons the boys participate in football, rugby and cricket and the girls in netball, football, hockey and cricket. Outside coaches also provide additional specialist coaching.

Pupils play in matches against local schools from Year 3. The number of matches increases as they move up through the Prep School. Our aim is to involve all the pupils in competitive fixtures, and everyone will have competed for the school during their time at TPS. In addition to the above, the pupils have the opportunity to play handball, hockey, pop lacrosse, basketball, short tennis and badminton. They also take part in gymnastics, athletics and cross country. All of these are offered as part of a wide-ranging school club programme, which changes termly. To see more examples of the clubs on offer please visit our Clubs page.

Our Senior Prep boys have two Games afternoons, playing regular fixtures in football, rugby and cricket. Additionally they have a further session to focus on alternative sports, such as squash and Padel in order to diversify their skill base.

Swimming takes place at Hampton Open Air Pool and Sunbury Leisure Centre with specialist coaches. The Swimming Gala is held for Years 5–8 at Hampton Pool in the Summer Term. TPS pupils also enter the borough swimming competitions.

Throughout the year children are involved in a number of House sports competitions including Swimming Galas, Cross Country and Sports Days.


Football is played in the Autumn Term by boys in Years 2–8. The school follows guidelines recommended by the Independent Schools Football Association. Strong emphasis is placed upon technical development and enjoyment of the game, particularly for the younger pupils.

Pupils are encouraged to be comfortable with the ball at their feet and complete drills and fun games aimed at improving their dribbling, passing, control and shooting. Gradually pupils are introduced to small sided games; these allow everyone to get involved and improve their level of skill through multiple touches of the ball. They also help children gain an understanding of the rules and how to play as a team. Competitive matches against other schools start in Year 3 but it is not until Year 7 and 8 that 11 a-side football is played. We play our home matches at Kempton Cricket Club which provides an excellent playing surface on which to learn the game and is located a short mini bus journey from the school.





Netball is one of the main traditional girls’ sports at Twickenham Preparatory School and is played in the Autumn term. The girls enjoy a balanced curriculum that focuses on the value of a healthy, active lifestyle while at the same time developing concepts of fairness and improving decision making.

In Year 3, girls are introduced to basic netball skills, positional play and terminology. As they progress, Years 4-6 develop individual skills, learn strategic play and enjoy the camaraderie of team sport. From Year 4 onwards, all teams participate in a number of competitive fixtures and tournaments that are selected to match their ability. Fixtures are either hosted at Twickenham Preparatory or other local schools.








Rugby is played in the Spring Term by boys in Years 3-8. The school follows the Rugby Football Unions’ Continuum. This provides structured progression to cover the introduction, teaching, playing and coaching of the game in incremental stages.

Safety is of paramount importance throughout, with the boys being taught the correct contact techniques to participate safely in all elements of the game. The boys are introduced to rugby in Year 3 by playing a 6-a-side non-contact tag version of the game. As the boys move into Year 4 the number of players in a team increases to 7 and the tackle is introduced. Year 5 sees the introduction of uncontested scrums and the ruck. Year 6 children are playing a 9-a-side version of the game with 3-man contested scrums and the addition of some kicking. In Years 7-8 the boys play the 12/13-man game.

Rugby training and matches take place at Kempton Cricket Club. All pupils are also involved in fixtures playing against other local schools. Home games are played at Kempton Cricket Club which has excellent facilities and is only a short mini bus journey from the school.


Hockey has been recently introduced to the girls in Years 3-6. They participate in hockey sessions during the spring term at Surbiton Hockey Club for Years 3-4 and at Staines Hockey Club for Years 5-6. In Year 3, the girls are introduced to basic stick skills, focusing on passing and receiving through small sided games. In Years 4-6, the girls develop their individual skills and learn to play a more strategic style of play. All girls are involved in fixtures from Year 3 onwards.





Cricket is played in the Summer Term by girls and boys starting at Year 2. Strong emphasis is placed upon technical development and enjoyment of the game, particularly for the younger pupils.

Drills and fun games are played to develop the pupils’ throwing, catching, fielding and batting. The pupils learn the skills of the game using soft rubber balls before being introduced to the hard ball in Year 5. Gradually the pupils are introduced to paired games; these allow everyone to bat, bowl, keep wicket and field. Competitive matches start in Year 3 but it is not until Year 6 that 11 a-side cricket is introduced. We play our home matches at Kempton Cricket Club which has both excellent nets facilities and pitches. It is also conveniently located a short mini bus journey from the school.