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Enrichment Activities

What is the purpose of enrichment activities at Twickenham Prep and what do they look like?

Why do we encourage our pupils to be involved in extra-curricular activities and interests and to pursue excellence in areas that interest them?

Some enrichment activities are designed to give new opportunities for pupils to try out different activities or pursuits. So the pupil who one day tries cross country finds a talent and in due course competes at the highest level.

Some activities are simply to encourage a greater depth of understanding and interest and to pursue excellence in that activity, others are purely for enjoyment and the building of confidence. 

So firstly we encourage a broad range of extra-curricular activities, from Lamda to chess, origami to coding.

Secondly we run an innovative thinking skills programme throughout the school. Think Tank or Mind Lab which develops problem solving skills and strategic thinking starting in our Reception classes which ends up with older TPS pupils competing at the International Thinking Skills Olympics.

Thirdly there are Maths quizzes, Spelling bees, Science quizzes, Language challenges and Drama opportunities to name but a few.

Our Art enrichment class for example has been very popular with pupils with a love of Art and has led to a number of pupils sitting successfully for Art scholarships.

One Y8 pupil described the school as: 

“Pushing people’s boundaries without making them feel uncomfortable”

and our enrichment programme certainly contributes significantly to that.