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School Life

Pastoral Care


    Pastoral care lies at the very heart of our school ethos and underpins everything we do at TPS. We provide a nurturing school environment where the happiness of pupils is our top priority. We believe that when children feel valued and supported, they are able to develop their talents and flourish both socially and academically. TPS is a small school and a family atmosphere very much pervades. Our teachers know the pupils very well and have strong, positive relationships with them. 


    Communication between staff is excellent and information about pupil welfare is shared at our weekly meetings. This means that if there is a problem, we are able to pick it up very quickly and work together to resolve it. The staff are caring and take a genuine interest in the lives of those they teach. As a result pupils feel that they are able to approach them and share concerns. The staff are also very accessible to parents should they have anything they wish to discuss.


    We believe very much in the benefit of a strong partnership between school and home. Our school ‘Golden Rule’ perhaps best sums up our approach to pastoral care, ‘Treat everyone in the same way as you would like them to treat you’. We believe that if our pupils are able to conduct themselves in this way, then they will have taken the first small steps on the path to leading a happy, successful and rewarding life!