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TPS is a Co-Educational Independent Day School located in Hampton

Welcome to Twickenham Prep School

Inspiring, encouraging, nurturing, caring, busy, family, community, welcoming, fun and joyous! These were just some of the words that our oldest pupils chose to describe Twickenham Prep.


Nurturing, Inspiring, Successful

Our core aim is to provide an outstanding all-round education that inspires the children and a place where they can flourish in a caring and positive environment.

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'Kind, Inspiring and Creative'

At TPS we encourage a happy and purposeful family environment where every child is valued as an individual and each member of the school’s community is important.


'A happy, caring and supportive environment'

We seek to create a safe, caring and happy Christian environment in which all pupils are valued and can thrive personally, socially and academically


What makes us unique

Wraparound Care and Minibus Service

For working parents we offer wraparound care from 7.30am until 6.30pm and a flexible minibus service

Breakfast Club

Each morning there is a supervised Breakfast Club from 7.30am to 8.30am. On Wednesdays, there is a cooked breakfast available.

After School Care

The Wrap Club is our Ofsted registered after school care facility run by Strawberry Hill Pre-School an experienced local after school club provider. The onsite club is available from 4.00pm - 6.30pm and offers our pupils a wide range of activities including creative projects, reading, games and sports and an opportunity to complete homework. Pupils are also provided with a light afternoon snack.

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Minibus Service

We offer a flexible morning minibus service from locations including Lower, Sunbury, Molesey, Isleworth, Twickenham, Teddington and Hampton Wick

Minibus Routes

Latest Tweets

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jan 26

If you are looking for some half term activities to keep the kids amused then sign them up for our holiday camp run by Premier Education here at TPS. Daily and weekly bookings available and childcare vouchers accepted Bookings can be made via this link t.co/BLSYjrzOiz

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jan 26

Bookings for our open event can be made via this link t.co/PSmQ6q7t9o

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jan 26

If you are considering an independent education for your child then come and visit us on 10th February at our Pre-Prep Open Morning. We offer a vibrant and inspiring education in a friendly and nurturing environment, joining our Pre-Prep will give your child the best start t.co/qVsYZle4og

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jan 19

It’s wonderful to see what you are all getting up to during our Join Together January week. Dancing, playing games, writing letters, cooking and lots of fresh air too! Keep going and please share more photos #jointogetherjanuary #beattheblues #stayconnected ☀️🏓📮📚👏💜 t.co/INYjFyM0Yx

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jan 19

Year 5 treated us to their assembly all about Vincent Van Gogh this morning. The man who taught us that individually and unrelenting self-belief is the key to success. He sold one painting during his lifetime. #selfbelief #resilience #vincentvangogh #inspiringspirit💜🌻 t.co/1u1pdqdvx0

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jan 19

Year 1 as part of their Junior Duke Award have been learning about knots. Mr Edwards and Mrs Kidson demonstrated reef and figure of eight knots which the children all mastered very quickly! #juniordukeaward #newskills @dukeawards #loveoflearning #comejointheadventure t.co/OoxDsvr9Bp

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jan 18

It might be #BlueMonday but the sun is shining and Mr Barrett kicked off the week with a few jokes to get us all in a smiley, positive mood and encouraged us to make someone laugh today! #jointogetherjanuary #banishthewinterblues #bepositive #shareajoke #makesomeonelaugh t.co/UMw4nKsmKw

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jan 13

Next Monday is #BlueMonday the most depressing day of the year but here at TPS we are going to think positive thoughts. To encourage our whole school community to make time to connect with family and friends and have fun together! #jointogetherjanuary #stayconnected ⭐️👏☕️💜 t.co/a8mW0FLsaE

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jan 12

Just before Christmas our Chess team took part in the @IAPS National Rapidplay tournament @AldroSchool. We achieved 1st place in all the age categories we entered and accumulated enough points as a team to win the competition overall. Well done team TPS! 🏆👏💜#chesschampions t.co/Wqo39rGlou

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jan 10

We are holding our next Pre-Prep Open Morning on Thursday 10th February. If you are interested in an independent school education for your child then come and see us. Children join us in the September after their 4th Birthday t.co/PSmQ6q7t9o

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jan 10

Congratulations to Daniel in Yr 8 who won the 3km #MiddlesexCrossCountryChampionship race on Saturday. He has been invited to represent Middlesex in the #NationalInterCountyCrossCountry Championships on 12th March in Loughborough, which is amazing news! Well done Daniel!👏🌨🥇💜 t.co/1N7krqx2LZ

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jan 06

We are very pleased to be launching our new Drama club for Prep pupils this term, we have a few spaces to fill and the club starts on the 17th Jan. Pupils can work towards a #Lamda qualification at the end of the summer term, places can be booked directly with Little Voices t.co/19K92Cy5EY

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jan 06

A beautiful frosty morning to welcome everyone back to school today! We hope you are raring to go! Judging by the smiles and laughter this morning everyone seems delighted to be here 👏👏💜💜 #backtoschool #newterm #startofterm #springterm t.co/IKyyoEBEAk

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jan 06

We are delighted to be adding 2 new clubs to our Prep extra-curricular offer this term run by @premeducationuk. Dodgeball on Mondays and a new Gymnastics club on Wednesdays. Bookings can be made direct t.co/gBUZVFi6uT t.co/B6cQFAcdGn

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jan 04

Happy New year to our #tpscommunity. We hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and are ready for the term ahead. We look forward to seeing you on Thursday! #backtoschool #newterm #newyear #preschoollife #welcome2022 👏💜 t.co/FdiJYDVwY8

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Dec 15

Thank you to Ben and all @HamptonChurch for hosting our Carol Concert today. A wonderful service of readings, prayers, beautifully sung carols and orchestral arrangements. #chirtmascelebrations t.co/GuAkOrUICp

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Dec 14

Today Mr Barrett presented his Headmaster Awards. These certificates are awarded to 2 children in each form who have lived up to the school values of being considerate, calm, courteous and courageous. Well done to you all! 👏👏💜💜#nurturingspirit #inspiringminds #prepschoollife t.co/NqzZBfsrVg


" The 'Join together January' initiative - encouraging pupils to reach out and spend time with others outside of the school - was an 'inspired idea'!! "

Year 7 Parent

" As parents of two girls who have recently left TPS, we couldn’t recommend the school highly enough. There is a really strong sense of community at TPS with amazing teaching staff, parents who are eager to get involved, and children who love going to school. Probably more important to get the view of a pupil than a parent though and so I have just asked my daughter (who recently left after year 6 having joined in Reception) how she would sum up the school. ‘Friendly and happy’ is what she came up with. As they say, ‘happy kids, happy parents’! "

Year 6 and 4 Parents

" Superb school. Pushes your child to be the best they can be whilst never forgetting respect and kindness to others. Excellent nurturing environment, children genuinely value their friendships and support each other. Teachers have a great relationship with the children. If our child could stay there until he is 18, we would sign up now. Thank you TPS. "

Year 7 Parent

" TPS has been the absolutely perfect school for our son. It is kind, caring and inclusive. Our 9 years there have been wonderful, and as he’s grown, we’ve seen a remarkable transformation, from a shy 4 year old, to a confident, drama-loving 13 year old. The Headmaster, teachers, all the staff, are so friendly, passionate and helpful, and really want the very best for each child. TPS works hard with the children to help them all reach their full potential. The 9 years have been an incredible journey, for our son and us as a family - he has achieved so much - more than we thought possible. TPS is an amazing school, with caring, dedicated and inspiring teachers. It is a place of warmth and love where the children want to do well, and are proud of each others achievements. We’ve all made some fantastic friends. "

Alumni Parent

" The opportunities offered at TPS are so diverse: through the school my eldest daughter has unearthed a passion for triathlons, my son is an enthusiastic member of the chess team and my youngest is able to identify a whole range of edible herbs through her nature trail lessons. "

Current Parent

" Please pass on our thanks to all the staff as they continue so brilliantly to support the TPS children. Considering how little time you as a school had to prepare for this, I am so impressed that you are continuing to support the children emotionally, spiritually and in their general well-being through PSHE and PE classes in addition to all the traditional subjects. TPS has managed to keep that real sense of community which the children thrive in. So a huge thanks again to all the staff, both teaching and non-teaching who are keeping everything else going on behind the scenes. "

Year 6 Parent

" TPS seems to be blessed with an ambience second to none. "


" The level of remote learning that has provided has been unbelievable. The staff have gone above and beyond all expectations. I've just been so impressed with how smoothly everything has gone and how hard everyone has worked to keep some sort of normal for the children. "

Reception and Year 2 Parent

" In our experience, TPS genuinely succeeds in meeting its aim of combining excellent academic provision with a happy, caring and supportive learning environment, no mean feat in a world dominated by league tables. Our two children (Year 6 and Year 4) love their school and have both thrived since joining TPS three years ago from another school. We would not hesitate to recommend the school to other parents. "

Current Parent

" Pushes peoples boundaries without making you feel uncomfortable "

A year 8 pupil

" A school to have an enriching education and be truly relaxed and happy! I would recommend Twickenham Preparatory School. "

A pupils Grandma

" A prep school that definitely lives up to its name. We watched our daughter begin her journey in reception and blossom into a happy, well rounded, confident girl full of interests and enthusiasm. Having just left the school at the end of Year 6 with offers to all the senior schools she sat for, including two academic scholarships; we couldn't have asked for a better start. Our thanks to this amazing school and its dedicated and caring staff. "

Current Parent

" TPS has provided the perfect platform for our two sons’ with its hands on approach focusing on the academic fundamentals and core development skills so crucial for transition to senior school "

Current Parent

" Our two boys have thrived at Twickenham Prep. Both needed to realise their potential and the hardworking and inspiring staff at TPS have helped them blossom and achieve their goals. The support and encouragement given to both children and parents during exam preparation is excellent, and the range of co-curricular activities complements their learning massively. "

Current Parent

" My Grandson, who is a pupil at Twickenham Preparatory School, is coming by leaps and bounds and would like to give a special "Thank You!" to each and all. A teaching that is so unique and an environment that truly respects the individuality of all pupils. "

A pupil's Grandma

" My son loves going to school every day. TPS is a happy and caring environment where the staff really know every child. Each pupil is encouraged and there are many ways to celebrate their talents and skills, creating a wonderful all-rounder of a prep school. "

Current Parent

" Twickenham Prep offers everything a parent could wish for in a school. Every day we listen with delight as our son brims over with his latest news, from rugby, football, cricket, chess, science competitions and amazing drama productions; the list really is endless! TPS packs it in and wraps it up in a blanket of care and support. A busy and successful school that truly gets the balance right. "

Current Parent

" As a family with three very different children we have been delighted to find a school where each child can thrive and find their own strengths and talents. It is not a “one size fits all” institution. The individual is nurtured and supported to develop their interests and reach their best potential. My son went from being an extremely shy child at nursery to winning the public speaking cup at the end of year 2! "

Current Parent

" As parents of two girls who have recently left TPS, we couldn’t recommend the school highly enough. There is a really strong sense of community at TPS with amazing teaching staff, parents who are eager to get involved, and children who love going to school. Probably more important to get the view of a pupil than a parent though and so I have just asked my daughter (who recently left after year 6 having joined in Reception) how she would sum up the school. ‘Friendly and happy’ is what she came up with. As they say, ‘happy kids, happy parents’! "

Year 6 and 4 Parents