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Pre-Prep Open Morning Thursday 13th February

We are holding our next Pre-Prep Open Morning on 13th February, 9.15-10.45am

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Welcome to Twickenham Prep

Inspiring, encouraging, nurturing, caring, busy, family, community, welcoming, fun and joyous! These were just some of the words that our oldest pupils chose to describe Twickenham Prep earlier this term.


Nurturing, Inspiring, Successful

Our core aim is to provide an outstanding all-round education that inspires the children and a place where they can flourish in a caring and positive environment.

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Celebrating 50 Years of Twickenham Prep School

Fifty years ago this year, Twickenham Prep was launched and we are looking forward to celebrating this special anniversary with pupils, parents, governors, staff and friends of the school, past and present.


'Kind, Inspiring and Creative'

At TPS we encourage a happy and purposeful family environment where every child is valued as an individual and each member of the school’s community is important.


'A happy, caring and supportive environment'

We seek to create a safe, caring and happy Christian environment in which all pupils are valued and can thrive personally, socially and academically


TPS is a Co-Educational Independent Day School

What makes us unique

Latest Tweets

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jan 23

And some more photos from our #ChineseNewYear lunch today t.co/9RzXDvYGjr

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jan 23

What a feast! To celebrate #ChineseNewYear Miss Cassiano and her team served the most delicious Chinese lunch, complete with props and chopsticks. Thank you #TPSCatering it was outstanding! t.co/TFtFi94izc

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jan 23

Johan from @MaisonCFontaine came to visit us this week to catch up with Yr 7 who stayed last year and to meet Yr 6 who will be off in the summer. A lovely afternoon featuring games, mimes and some goodies too! Thank you for coming! t.co/hlvRlXGGof

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jan 22

"Can we have that again?" on the menu today Mexican Crispy Pork Carnitas and a hearty beef stew, followed by apple crumble, just what you need before an afternoon of Games in January! t.co/yiq28xXpW7

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jan 22

Delighted to welcome Squadron Leader Leo Taylor who came to talk to us about Harrier jump jets as part of our renaming of our Houses #TPS50 Setting the bar quite high! #concorde #firebird #apollo t.co/mfWRWOqigV

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jan 22

"What's for lunch today?" and "I love the food here!" are often heard in the school corridors. Wish it had been this good when I was at school! #TPSCatering t.co/Vs3ANAqBmf

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jan 20

We are so lucky here at TPS to be served delicious food everyday by our wonderful Catering Team headed up by Dalila, and well done on the 5 star hygiene award! t.co/Bz0gGWLFs0

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jan 20

We have also signed the pledge and could not agree more @LBRUT #RichmondClimateAction #dontbeidle t.co/xHFGM17ep8

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jan 20

We asked our pupils to participate in a House #Poetry Competition to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of #TPS. The winners were asked to read their poems aloud at our special Anniversary Celebrations in October. Here's one of the winning poems: #TPS50 #twickenham #hampton t.co/2tXcMhEePw

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jan 16

The Foxes group have been making bird feeders this week on our Nature Trail. Messy business but they are excited to see the birds enjoying their food! t.co/CWtxSYOojZ

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jan 15

Reception are learning about Fairy Tales and this week their story is ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. The teachers set up a crime scene and asked the children who had made the mess? They are now looking for #Goldilocks and want her to come back, tidy up and apologise! t.co/TrTyqB9VFh

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jan 13

We asked our pupils to participate in a House #Poetry Competition to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of #TPS. The winners were asked to read their poems aloud at our special Anniversary Celebrations in October. Here's one of the winning poems: #TPS50 #twickenham #hampton t.co/9IFeRbOYqW

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jan 09

We are holding out next Pre-Prep Open Morning on Thursday 13th February. Meet our staff and pupils, listen to our talks, have tours of the whole school and see what makes our school so happy and vibrant #Hampton #twickenham #sunbury Book your place at t.co/zR1SdoqIRd t.co/Xwu4ne8V9g

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jan 09

New Year New Start! To all the TPS community please park considerately and safely and switch off your engines when dropping off or collecting from our school. The Richmond Borough is now an idle free zone and we support their commitment to improving road safety and air quality. t.co/7p4XBNEQCn

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jan 07

Good Luck to all our pupils sitting their entrance exams t.co/6YNHvK4bcw

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jan 07

Happy New Year! We hope everybody has had an enjoyable break but it's time for another exciting term at TPS! t.co/HFxqlGUgpG

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jan 07

We asked our pupils to participate in a House #Poetry Competition to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of #TPS. The winners were asked to read their poems aloud at our special Anniversary Celebrations in October. Here's one of the winning poems: #TPS50 #twickenham #hampton t.co/finwV70oxX

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Dec 13

To all our families, pupils and staff, may your homes be filled with love, peace, and joy. Merry Christmas! t.co/SN0SbaAfc4

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Dec 12

Reception enjoying a festive photo booth! #HappyChristmas! t.co/cFzFohZcJ7

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Dec 12

Year 5 having some festive fun, learning about circles and angles. They calculated the circumference of a circle using biscuits and strawberry laces before calculating using pi. They then iced angles onto their biscuits and measured them before they got eaten! #HappyChristmas! t.co/hOES8rxAip


" Superb school. Pushes your child to be the best they can be whilst never forgetting respect and kindness to others. Excellent nurturing environment, children genuinely value their friendships and support each other. Teachers have a great relationship with the children. Mr Malam, Headmaster is outstanding. If our child could stay there until he is 18, we would sign up now. Thank you TPS. "

Year 7 Parent

" TPS has been the absolutely perfect school for our son. It is kind, caring and inclusive. Our 9 years there have been wonderful, and as he’s grown, we’ve seen a remarkable transformation, from a shy 4 year old, to a confident, drama-loving 13 year old. The Headmaster, teachers, all the staff, are so friendly, passionate and helpful, and really want the very best for each child. TPS works hard with the children to help them all reach their full potential. The 9 years have been an incredible journey, for our son and us as a family - he has achieved so much - more than we thought possible. TPS is an amazing school, with caring, dedicated and inspiring teachers. It is a place of warmth and love where the children want to do well, and are proud of each others achievements. We’ve all made some fantastic friends. "

Parent of Year 8 Pupil

" The opportunities offered at TPS are so diverse: through the school my eldest daughter has unearthed a passion for triathlons, my son is an enthusiastic member of the chess team and my youngest is able to identify a whole range of edible herbs through her nature trail lessons. "

Current Parent

" TPS seems to be blessed with an ambience second to none. "


" In our experience, TPS genuinely succeeds in meeting its aim of combining excellent academic provision with a happy, caring and supportive learning environment, no mean feat in a world dominated by league tables. Our two children (Year 6 and Year 4) love their school and have both thrived since joining TPS three years ago from another school. We would not hesitate to recommend the school to other parents. "

Current Parent

" Pushes peoples boundaries without making you feel uncomfortable "

A year 8 pupil

" A school to have an enriching education and be truly relaxed and happy! I would recommend Twickenham Preparatory School. "

A pupils Grandma

" A prep school that definitely lives up to its name. We watched our daughter begin her journey in reception and blossom into a happy, well rounded, confident girl full of interests and enthusiasm. Having just left the school at the end of Year 6 with offers to all the senior schools she sat for, including two academic scholarships; we couldn't have asked for a better start. Our thanks to this amazing school and its dedicated and caring staff. "

Current Parent

" TPS has provided the perfect platform for our two sons’ with its hands on approach focusing on the academic fundamentals and core development skills so crucial for transition to senior school "

Current Parent

" Our two boys have thrived at Twickenham Prep. Both needed to realise their potential and the hardworking and inspiring staff at TPS have helped them blossom and achieve their goals. The support and encouragement given to both children and parents during exam preparation is excellent, and the range of co-curricular activities complements their learning massively. "

Current Parent

" My Grandson, who is a pupil at Twickenham Preparatory School, is coming by leaps and bounds and would like to give a special "Thank You!" to each and all. A teaching that is so unique and an environment that truly respects the individuality of all pupils. "

A pupil's Grandma

" My son loves going to school every day. TPS is a happy and caring environment where the staff really know every child. Each pupil is encouraged and there are many ways to celebrate their talents and skills, creating a wonderful all-rounder of a prep school. "

Current Parent

" Twickenham Prep offers everything a parent could wish for in a school. Every day we listen with delight as our son brims over with his latest news, from rugby, football, cricket, chess, science competitions and amazing drama productions; the list really is endless! TPS packs it in and wraps it up in a blanket of care and support. A busy and successful school that truly gets the balance right. "

Current Parent

" As a family with three very different children we have been delighted to find a school where each child can thrive and find their own strengths and talents. It is not a “one size fits all” institution. The individual is nurtured and supported to develop their interests and reach their best potential. My son went from being an extremely shy child at nursery to winning the public speaking cup at the end of year 2! "

Current Parent