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Welcome to Twickenham Prep

Inspiring, encouraging, nurturing, caring, busy, family, community, welcoming, fun and joyous! These were just some of the words that our oldest pupils chose to describe Twickenham Prep earlier this term.


Nurturing, Inspiring, Successful

Our core aim is to provide an outstanding all-round education that inspires the children and a place where they can flourish in a caring and positive environment.

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'Kind, Inspiring and Creative'

At TPS we encourage a happy and purposeful family environment where every child is valued as an individual and each member of the school’s community is important.


'A happy, caring and supportive environment'

We seek to create a safe, caring and happy Christian environment in which all pupils are valued and can thrive personally, socially and academically


TPS is a Co-Educational Independent Day School

What makes us unique

Latest Tweets

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jun 27

Some photos from our Year 7+8 trip to Pembrokeshire, coasteering, kayaking, surfing - it's an action packed week with plenty of food consumed to keep the energy levels up! @realadventureco t.co/yJmDw2ZEN3

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jun 26

Year 3 enjoyed a brilliant workshop with @BP_plc yesterday, learning about the different types of rocks & fossils. They matched up rock samples to cards, identifying the various types by their properties, and they loved peering at the samples with the magnifying glasses. t.co/jtuccxq7gw

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jun 26

Another great day is underway for Yr 7 and 8 in St Davids following a good nights sleep and a hearty breakfast! @realadventureco

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jun 26

The children enjoyed a very posh breakfast this morning! Thank you #TPSCatering for a wonderful evening yesterday for all our Leavers. t.co/BucJQ6QkmV

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jun 25

We are looking forward to welcoming the parents of our Year 6 and 8 Leavers for our Leaver's Dinner tonight. Drinks at 7pm. t.co/Arj4g0x0eH

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jun 25

Some photos from France @MaisonCFontaine Year 6 are having a great time! t.co/n6ZDvEPp2U

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jun 24

Everyone has arrived in Pembrokeshire safe and sound, the weather is warm and cloudy - bit like here! @realadventureco

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jun 24

A wonderful Senior Summer Concert on thursday, "Dancing in the Street" with our Years 5,6,7+8, featuring solos and musical renditions of many favourite songs. Thank you to everyone who made it such a success! t.co/KZJOjXwzlv

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jun 24

Yr 4 and 5 have all arrived safely @PGLholidays Marchant's Hill, they have enjoyed lunch and are ready for their first activity!

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jun 24

A fantastic Enterprise Fair and series of presentations on Friday for our Yr 6 girls and Year 8 boys, business was booming with some of the items selling out. Thank you @StrideVentures t.co/o1fVBwbC6O

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jun 24

Another fantastic year of business enterprise with @StrideVentures. Definitely not enough Jeffs to go round! t.co/nRdVKRaqYN

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jun 24

Inspired by our study of Shakespeare's 'The Tempest' in English lessons, the Year 6 boys put on their own abridged version of the play in the round. Multi-rolling parts and playing a variety of instruments, great fun was had by all on Prospero's mysterious and enchanted island. t.co/u9M8ndBETl

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jun 20

It stayed dry despite the forecast for the Pre-Prep Sports Day! Thank you parents for your cheers and support. It was a great turnout and everyone had a great time! t.co/dF88EPI6uX

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jun 20

Thank you parents for braving the wet weather and supporting the children yesterday and well done to all the Yr 5+6 pupils who showed great spirit and determination at Sports' Day. Some great races, I think we all deserve a medal! t.co/n0oC1vFwo3

Twickenham Prep @twickenhamprep Jun 20

A chance to do some outdoor learning using our beautiful front garden for some Trigonometry with Year 8 and it wasn't raining! t.co/CrnpGluMtW

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" The opportunities offered at TPS are so diverse: through the school my eldest daughter has unearthed a passion for triathlons, my son is an enthusiastic member of the chess team and my youngest is able to identify a whole range of edible herbs through her nature trail lessons. "

Current Parent

" TPS seems to be blessed with an ambience second to none. "


" In our experience, TPS genuinely succeeds in meeting its aim of combining excellent academic provision with a happy, caring and supportive learning environment, no mean feat in a world dominated by league tables. Our two children (Year 6 and Year 4) love their school and have both thrived since joining TPS three years ago from another school. We would not hesitate to recommend the school to other parents. "

Current Parent

" Pushes peoples boundaries without making you feel uncomfortable "

A year 8 pupil

" A school to have an enriching education and be truly relaxed and happy! I would recommend Twickenham Preparatory School. "

A pupils Grandma

" A prep school that definitely lives up to its name. We watched our daughter begin her journey in reception and blossom into a happy, well rounded, confident girl full of interests and enthusiasm. Having just left the school at the end of Year 6 with offers to all the senior schools she sat for, including two academic scholarships; we couldn't have asked for a better start. Our thanks to this amazing school and its dedicated and caring staff. "

Current Parent

" TPS has provided the perfect platform for our two sons’ with its hands on approach focusing on the academic fundamentals and core development skills so crucial for transition to senior school "

Current Parent

" Our two boys have thrived at Twickenham Prep. Both needed to realise their potential and the hardworking and inspiring staff at TPS have helped them blossom and achieve their goals. The support and encouragement given to both children and parents during exam preparation is excellent, and the range of co-curricular activities complements their learning massively. "

Current Parent

" My Grandson, who is a pupil at Twickenham Preparatory School, is coming by leaps and bounds and would like to give a special "Thank You!" to each and all. A teaching that is so unique and an environment that truly respects the individuality of all pupils. "

A pupil's Grandma

" My son loves going to school every day. TPS is a happy and caring environment where the staff really know every child. Each pupil is encouraged and there are many ways to celebrate their talents and skills, creating a wonderful all-rounder of a prep school. "

Current Parent

" Twickenham Prep offers everything a parent could wish for in a school. Every day we listen with delight as our son brims over with his latest news, from rugby, football, cricket, chess, science competitions and amazing drama productions; the list really is endless! TPS packs it in and wraps it up in a blanket of care and support. A busy and successful school that truly gets the balance right. "

Current Parent

" As a family with three very different children we have been delighted to find a school where each child can thrive and find their own strengths and talents. It is not a “one size fits all” institution. The individual is nurtured and supported to develop their interests and reach their best potential. My son went from being an extremely shy child at nursery to winning the public speaking cup at the end of year 2! "

Current Parent