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Art and DT


    Art and design is taught to all pupils whatever their ability or individual needs.

    Lessons aim to stimulate the pupils’ creativity and imagination and enable them to communicate what they see, think and feel by using colour, form, pattern and a wide variety of materials and processes.

    Our well-resourced art and design facilities are housed in a modern, bright, purpose-built building with plenty of specialist equipment.



    Art helps to build the pupils’ knowledge of art, exploring ideas and meanings by experiencing the work of artists and designers as well as visiting art galleries and attending workshops.

    The art department offers a variety of extra-curricular clubs and also has links with local designers and artists.

    Pupils also enjoy displaying and exhibiting their work around the school and in the magazine and develop a great sense of pride in being part of enriching the school’s vibrant environment.



    They always remember that everyone is a special kind of artist.

    DT prepares our pupils to take part in the development of tomorrow’s rapidly changing world and helps all pupils become discerning and informed consumers as well as potential innovators.

    Pupils are taught to develop their skills using a wide range of tools and materials and are encouraged to think creatively and become autonomous problem solvers.

    Projects aim to enable them to identify their ideas and their ability and make products that have a purpose.