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Year 7 Play 'The Iron Horse'

The Wild West visited Hampton with Year 7 performing 'The Iron Horse' to an enthusiastic audience. The Pacific Railroad Company were looking to link up the lines from the East and West, but the quaint town of Little Hope was in the way! Refusing to be bought out, the brave inhabitants then had to face the baddies, who threatened to run them out of town. The final showdown was interrupted by a Health & Safety officer, as the guns hadn't been PAT tested! It all came down to a game of 'Snap!', with the goodies winning and the bandit leader being betrayed and arrested by the law. All of the boys were magnificent with some wonderful performances and the audience were treated to cameos from Mr Barrett, Mrs Gliniecka and Mrs Salt. Thank you to everyone who made the show such a success!

Written and Masterminded by Mr Howorth 

Co-Director Miss May 

Stage and set-up Mr Niehaus 

Scenery Mrs Freeman