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House Music Competition

Huge excitement with the House Music events that have captured the imagination of the children and the staff. The musicianship and performances of the Houses and individual performers were fabulous, with Beatles songs the order of the day for Apollo, Firebird, Concorde and Harrier, with the victors, Concorde, performing Penny Lane, complete with a poppy selling nurse and trumpets! The competition was fierce, with staff clearly raising their game with the actions, costumes and props and Mrs Brown’s anatomically correct mini-submarine stealing the show for Harrier. Following the House songs, we were treated to an extraordinary breadth of performances by the children individually, with judges Mr Meyer (brass) and Mr Page (drums) put to task to separate out the winners from the voice, piano, guitar, string and drum sections. Congratulations to all the brilliant finalists! Mrs Hill was immensely proud of everyone who took part, underlining the strength of music here at TPS.