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Year 8 Trip to Strawberry Hill House


Our Year 8 boys had the amazing oportunity of visiting Strawberry Hill House, a gothic castle nearby. During that day they visited a number of the chambers of the castle, each one with a different story, and were given the chance to ask a number of questions as well. After that, they did a workshop about Gothic Literature, which consisted of the creation of a comic with photos of themselves representing different emotions. They then revisited a few parts of the castle to take the pictures and all of them came back with amazing material. The last part consisted of putting together a Gothic Comic that would be later presented to the rest of their peers. In a few words, incredible experiences, knowledge and bonding time with all their classmates.


According to the words of one of the students: "I think that Strawberry Hill was a magnificent and extraordinary experience because it was fun and helped further my understanding of Gothic Literature because this is where the popular genre all started."