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"On Sunday 10th June, seven TPS pupils took part in the IAPS triathlon at Dulwich Prep School in Cranbrook. It was an early start but this didn’t faze the pupils as the biggest problem was trying to contain their excitement! After all arriving safely and sorting out their transition area so that their shoes, race belts or t-shirts were in perfect position, it was time to wait.

The year 5s were first with Anna Staples and Anushka Rajkhowa going for TPS. After a good swim and smooth transitions from swim to bike and then bike to run, they dug deep and used all their energy reserves to complete the course. A great performance and smiles were shown throughout.

Up next were the year 6s, comprising of: Park Jones, Hannahli Foley, Paloma Crutchfield, Lewis Gomez-Moore and Mattao Bouget-Kotlar. The excitement they showed before began to subdue to nervous energy but this didn’t stop them. Again, we had smooth transitions which enabled them to concentrate on maintaining speed on the bike and a rhythm on the run. A remarkable effort all-round showing excellent perseverance and character!"

Mr Doherty