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Book Week

We’ve had a wonderful celebration of reading at TPS this week, with a wealth of activities to ignite the children’s passion for all things bookish! On Monday the Prep children really enjoyed meeting author Vashti Hardy, known for novels like ‘Wildspark’ and ‘Darkwhispers’, exploring the writing process with the children. For the Pre-Prep children, author and illustrator Adam Stower visited us on Thursday, wowing the children with his drawings and experience of working with David Walliams. That same day, the School was awash with Hermoine Graingers, Where’s Wallys and even a Paddington (complete with marmalade sandwich for emergencies) as we celebrated ‘World Book Day’.

A new initiative this year also saw the children and staff try to guess the ‘Masked Readers’, who read excerpts from some popular novels, some of whom had very unusual voices! Well done to anyone who managed to guess everyone correctly! Assemblies this week have also focused on reading, how essential it is for all of us, and why reading just a little each and every day makes such a difference. We are hugely indebted to Mrs McCarey for her sterling work organising the week’s events, including the Book Fair, and to the English Department led by Mrs Kidson for making reading such a success.