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Established in Twickenham in 1969 and now located in Hampton
School Life

School Houses

    We have four houses to which pupils are assigned when they enter the school. Pupils are always in the same house as their siblings.The houses are named after famous personalities from the past, with connections to the Hampton area: Faraday, Garrick, Wolsey and Wren. Each year the pupils elect a boy and girl House Captain from the Prep and staff select Pre-Prep House Captains from Year 2. They represent their houses and play a prominent role in house meetings and supporting their house at the different events.

  • Michael Faraday (1791 – 1867)

    Lived in the area and was famous for his scientific discoveries. In the 1830s he produced the most amazing quantity of work - mostly connected with electricity. He discovered electromagnetic induction, the battery (electropotentials), the electric arc (plasmas) and the Faraday cage (electrostatics).

    Faraday pupils always work fantastically as a team, encouraging and supporting each other loudly in all the competitions. We are always ready to have a go, entering everything with enthusiasm. We are always cheerful and do our best, having lots of fun, especially in house assemblies when we do the Faraday song: ’We are Faraday! Let me hear you stand up and say! We are Faraday! Nothing’s gonna stop us today!’

  • David Garrick (1717 -1779)

    Was an English actor, dramatist, theatrical producer and theatrical manager, and a friend and pupil of Samuel Johnson. Garrick is considered one of the most influential and popular figures in the history of British theatre. He also lived in the area and built Garrick’s Temple on the riverside.

    Garrick pupils always produce fantastic work and perform brilliantly in competitions. It is wonderful to see so many children getting involved and supporting one another, whether we win or come last. The other houses try very hard to out sing us but in the end we are always the most vocal. David Garrick would be proud of some of our theatrical renditions of ‘Boom–Chig–a–Boom’ in House Assemblies.

  • Thomas Wolsey, (1465-1530)

    Cardinal Wolsey was Lord Chancellor to Henry VIII. He spent lavishly and built Hampton Court Palace. Wolsey dominated Henry’s Court but when he was unable to accomplish Henry's divorce from Katherine of Aragon, Wolsey was arrested and died en route to London to be tried for treason.

    Wolsey House is full of team spirit and this can be seen in our successes in House events. We always strive to do our best and enjoy House assemblies where we get the chance to be loud and proud when we sing our House song. We always remember  ‘Red is the colour. Wolsey is the name, we are all together, winning is our game. So sing out loud in the sun and rain, Wolsey, Wolsey is our name!’

  • Sir Christopher Wren (1632 – 1723)

    Lived in the area and was known as an architect and designer. Wren's most famous contribution to architecture is his dome at St Paul's Cathedral and, fittingly, he is buried there in the crypt.

    Pupils in Wren are cheerful and friendly; this helps to make Wren a very happy and enthusiastic House containing a lot of team spirit. Wren pupils try hard in all competitions and as a result have been successful in many events. ‘There are four great Houses at TPS but one is better then all the rest, The name is Wren and the colour is Green and we’re the best House you have ever seen!’