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Established in Twickenham in 1969 and now located in Hampton
School Life

Pupil Leadership

Encouraging pupils to take on responsibilities and learn leadership skills forms an important part of each child’s development at TPS. There are many opportunities for pupils to contribute to the running of school life. The positions that they can hold are outlined below.

  • School Monitors

    Pupils in Year 6 automatically become School Monitors and remain so until they leave either in Year 6 (for girls) or Year 8 (for boys). They are given a badge and a purple and silver striped tie. There are a range of duties that pupils carry out from science lab, art room and wet-break monitoring to acting as tour guides when prospective parents visit the school.

  • Head Boy, Head Girl and Deputies

    Usually these positions are announced at Prize Giving in July by the outgoing Heads and Deputies. These pupils will have been voted for by staff, although the Headmaster has the final word on the decision. The pupils chosen will assist the Headmaster and the Deputy Headmaster in a wide range of responsibilities from announcing commendations in our weekly Awards Assembly and hosting parents at class assemblies to updating the pupil notice board, drawing up rotas and giving assemblies themselves.

  • House Captains

    Each year the Pre-Prep staff select a boy and a girl from each House to become House Captains. These pupils represent the views of Pre-Prep to the senior House Captains before a Pupil Council meeting, assist at Pre-Prep House events and encourage their fellow House members to take part in House competitions.

    To be a House Captain, pupils are required to put their names forward to the Head of House and then present their case for selection to the House during a House Assembly. Pupils then vote for their preferred candidate. If the voting is particularly close, two pupils may be appointed for the role.

    House Captains assist the Head of House at House competitions and will also help the Deputy Headmaster at special events such as Welcome Mornings, Sports Days and Swimming Galas. They also represent the views of their House at Pupil Council meetings and draw up the rota for the House’s weekly eco duty.

  • Sports Captains

    These are selected by the Head of Boys’ and Girls’ Games. Their role is to be a good ambassador for sport at the school: playing to a high level and with great sportsmanship. They also ensure that the sports equipment is well maintained and ready for use for Games lessons. They should also check that all team members are present on match days and, if not, notify the relevant member of staff. At Awards Assembly each week, they will award trophies to the boy and girl players of the week, who are selected by the teachers.

  • Pupil Council

    The Pupil Council meets at least once every half term and is chaired by the Deputy Headmaster. Suggestions can be made to the Council by any pupil in the school via the suggestion box. At times the Council is also asked for its view on an issue, such as anti-bullying or break-time procedures.

    There is a representative on the Council from each class in the Prep Department. Pupils fill out an application form and the four best are chosen by the Head Boy, the Head Girl, the Deputies and the Deputy Headmaster. These are then voted for by the class. These representatives join the House Captains and the Heads and Deputies at the meetings.

  • Librarians

    In Year 5, pupils have the opportunity to become Librarians, to assist with the upkeep and book keeping of the Library. In the Autumn and Spring terms, around ten pupils are chosen for the role. For the Summer term, the ten most impressive from the previous two terms are selected.